Live Attenuated Measles Mumps and Rubella Vaccines: An Over View

Hussein Y Naim
2015 International Journal of Vaccines & Vaccination  
An overview of the benefits versus risks and the concerns raised against vaccination with live attenuated viral vaccines are summarized. Submit Manuscript | Int J Vaccines Vaccin 2015, 1(1): 00005 Abstract Vaccination against Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) of children early in life is established worldwide, and recommended by international organisations such as WHO and UNICEF. Elimination of measles and congenital rubella remains of the major objectives of
more » ... albeit the failed plans of eradication by the early 2000. Therefore, the demand for safe and immunogenic MMR vaccines remains of a high priority in the next decade, both in affluent and less affluent countries. MMR vaccine has a documented history of safety and efficacy irrespective of the conflicting reports on the side effects, which was shown unrelated to the vaccination itself. Therefore, MMR vaccine remains the highest saviour of lives worldwide. The use of MMR or the recently developed MMR-V (Varicella) vaccine combination benefited from the established clinical surveillance, efficient-technology transfer and proper manufacturing, in addition to the cost effectiveness of these vaccines.
doi:10.15406/ijvv.2015.01.00005 fatcat:u63s2y33k5eenbkfdzd6rwcjfa