Cascade Jump Controlled Sequence Generator and Pomaranch Stream Cipher [chapter]

Cees J. A. Jansen, Tor Helleseth, Alexander Kholosha
Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Jump registers were recently proposed [SASC04] as building blocks for stream ciphers. In this paper a construction based on these principles is described. The proposed encryption primitive is a synchronous stream cipher accommodating a key of 128 bits and an IV of 64 up to 126 bits in its software version and an 80-bit key and 32 to 64 bit IV in its hardware version. Version 2 comes as a response to attacks found for the original version of the algorithm. The stream cipher is particularly
more » ... ed to resist side-channel attacks and can be efficiently implemented in hardware for a wide range of target processes and platforms. Software use of the cipher can mostly be interesting from the academic point of view because of a relatively low bit generation rate.
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-68351-3_17 fatcat:awb3dfi33bewxpxja4webuyf6y