Formability analysis of AA2024 sheet in T6 condition

Sathishkumar, Vignesh
2016 International Journal of Advanced Engineering and Recent Technology   unpublished
Formability of a material is defined as its ability to deform into desired shape without being fracture. There will always be a need for formability tests, a larger number of tests have been used in an effort to measure the formability of sheet materials. Aluminium Alloy 2024 is a magnesium and silicon alloy of aluminium. It is also called as marine material as it has high corrosion resistance to seawater. In this paper Formability test of AA2024 sheet is done by Forming Limit Diagram (FLD)
more » ... ysis. FLD or Forming Limit Curve (FLC) for the forming processes of AA2024 sheets is obtained by Experimental method and FEM. Experimental method involves Deep drawing test of the sheet and ANSYS software is used for FEM.