Quantum Dynamics and Non-Inertial Frames of Reference. III

Sin Takagi
1991 Progress of theoretical physics  
783 By successive applications of time-dependent rotation, translation and dilatation, it is shown that' a charged time·dependent harmonic oscillator in a uniform time-dependent electromagnetic field is equivalent to a free particle. This equivalence is employed to present a simple derivation of the Feynman kernel as well as to obtain a concrete picture of the time evolution of a generic wave packet. A compact formula for an evolving anisotropic Gaussian packet is also derived. A special case
more » ... d. A special case of this formula gives a squeezed coherent state for a harmonic oscillator whose frequency is an arbitrary function of time. Finally we discuss an Aharonov·Bohm-Berry·like phase associated with a wave packet whose center traces a closed circuit.
doi:10.1143/ptp.86.783 fatcat:vadcltrmjzdevoj2yinn77lptq