Exception handling and object-oriented programming: towards a synthesis

Christophe Dony
1990 SIGPLAN notices  
The paper presents a discussion and a specification of an exception handling system dedicated to object-oriented programming. We show how a full object-oriented representation of exceptions and of protocols to handle them, using meta-classes, makes the system powerful as well as extendible and solves many classical exception handling issues. We explain the interest for object-oriented programming of handlers attached to classes and to expressions. We propose an original algorithm for
more » ... exceptions along the invocation chain which takes into account, at each stack level, both kind of handlers. Any class can control which exceptions will be propagated out of its methods; any method can provide context-dependant answers to exceptional events. The whole specification and some keys of our Smalltalk implementation are presented in the paper.
doi:10.1145/97946.97984 fatcat:z6twb4r27bcndfwcxcmgbtijbe