Research on Action Oriented Teaching Model for College English in Applied Talents Training

Yumei Zhou
2017 Proceedings of the 2017 2nd International Conference on Education, Sports, Arts and Management Engineering (ICESAME 2017)   unpublished
The goal of College English teaching is to cultivate student's comprehensive ability of English application, and to have the ability of English practice, innovation and intercultural communication. At present, there are many problems in College English teaching, which hinder the further improvement of the quality of College English teaching, are not conducive to the applied talents training. This paper studies the application of action oriented teaching model in College English teaching, in
more » ... sh teaching, in order to improve the quality of English teaching and cultivate student's English application ability. The research content of this paper is based on the action oriented teaching model, analyzes the superiority of college English using the action oriented teaching model, constructs the college English action oriented teaching mode system, and points out the process of college English action oriented teaching mode. Introduction College English teaching is an integral part of higher education. College English course is a compulsory basic course for college students. College English is based on the theory of foreign language teaching, with English language knowledge and application skills, cross-cultural communication and learning strategies as the main content, and set a variety of teaching models and teaching methods as the teaching system. The goal of college English teaching is to cultivate student's English comprehensive application ability, especially listening and speaking ability, so as to be able to communicate effectively in English in the future study, work and social interaction, at the same time enhance their autonomous learning ability, improve the comprehensive cultural quality, To meet the needs of social development and international exchange. An important way to achieve the goal of college English teaching is to cultivate applied talents. Applied talents are relative to the high-level theoretical and academic talents, master the direct application of knowledge, practical ability of talent. The essential characteristics of applied talents are clear professional, practical and high level. Therefore, it is necessary that applied talents not only master the basic theory knowledge and grasp the basic practical skills, but also have comprehensive professional ability and professional quality. According to the characteristics of foreign language as a communication tool, the English applied talents should have the following abilities [1]: first, the ability of foreign language practice, the practical problem in English, the ability to engage in related work; second, innovation, including innovation and innovation awareness; thirdly, intercultural communicative competence, including linguistic competence, communicative competence and integrated cultural competence. At present, there are many problems in college English teaching, which hinder the improvement of college English teaching quality and are not conducive to the cultivation of applied talents [2, 3] . First, teach English as a language knowledge, did not realize that is a kind of application ability. Long-term examination-oriented education, one-sided emphasis on the ability of students to test questions, ignoring the "listening, speaking, reading, writing, translation" and other comprehensive ability training. Teachers pay attention to the content of the text to understand, students in the classroom is difficult to improve the ability of English applications. Teachers system to explain the words, grammar and sentence patterns, lack of vitality of the classroom atmosphere, improper
doi:10.2991/icesame-17.2017.398 fatcat:4y33so6qybfmtc5do4f6ls7pxa