Computation fluid dynamic analysis of horizontal axis pressure vessel

Sumit Gorule, Shreyas Jadhav, Tejas Gurav, P Mane, G Wafelkar
1604 International Journal of Scientific Development and Research   unpublished
this research paper shows that some of the developments in the finding of stress concentration factor in horizontal pressure vessels at openings, stress analysis of different types of end connections and minimization stress with the help of optimize location and angle of nozzle on shell and head. The literature review gives growing interest in the field of stress concentration analysis in the pressure vessels. The motivation for this research is to analyze the stress concentration occurring at
more » ... ation occurring at the openings of the pressure vessels and the means to reduce the effect of the same. The pressure vessel designed according to ASME Code. The code gives for thickness and stress of basic components, it is up to the designer to select appropriate analytical as procedure for determining stress due to other loadings. In this research work static structural analysis and CFD analysis is carried out by FEM software and also shows that magnitude of stresses by changing the nozzle location on shell body.