Kent İçi Ulaşımına Entegre Edilen Bisiklet Yolu Tasarımı ve Uygulaması: Kanada/Halifax Kenti Korumalı Bisiklet Yolları Örneği

Cycling is a form of travel with many positive features such as making the transportation system of the 21st century green, reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, leading a healthy life, supporting healthy transportation that during the COVID 19 pandemics The aim of the study has been determined as the examination of the decisions to be taken at the planning and design scale in the integration process of bicycle lanes, which are attached to urban transportation, through an applied
more » ... ple project. As the study area, Canada-Nova Scotia Province, Halifax city, South Park Street area was chosen. The scope of the study was structured in three stages. First, the places where the design forms are applied and their positive features are discussed. In the secondly, evaluation criteria were included for the selection of three different bicycle path projects developed by Halifax municipality. In the third stage, the positive and negative aspects of the applied design for the user were determined and analyzed on site. At the end of the study, the planning and design process of a current and international application was evaluated. Basic decision suggestions that can be used in process management to create bicycle paths in Turkey are presented.
doi:10.31198/idealkent.1009910 fatcat:nexu4wyz2vauxe7esqgz4u67my