Feasibility of preparing patterned molybdenum coatings on bismuth telluride thermoelectric modules [report]

Pylin Sarobol, Aaron Hall, Stephen Miller, Marlene Knight, William LePage, Catherine Sobczak, Daniel Wesolowski
2013 unpublished
Molybdenum electrical interconnects for thermoelectric modules were produced by air plasma spraying a 30µm size molybdenum powder through a laser-cut Kapton tape mask. Initial feasibility demonstrations showed that the molybdenum coating exhibited excellent feature and spacing retention (~170µm), adhered to bismuth-telluride, and exhibited electrical conductivity appropriate for use as a thermoelectric module interconnect. A design of experiments approach was used to optimize air plasma spray
more » ... air plasma spray process conditions to produce a molybdenum coating with low electrical resistivity. Finally, a molybdenum coating was successfully produced on a fullscale thermoelectric module. After the addition of a final titanium/gold layer deposited on top of the molybdenum coating, the full scale module exhibited an electrical resistivity of 128Ω, approaching the theoretical resistivity value for the 6mm module leg of 112Ω.
doi:10.2172/1096514 fatcat:uxyjpassbjaexmpkzot4h34diy