Simple BRST quantization of general gauge models

Robert Marnelius
1993 Nuclear Physics B  
It is shown that the BRST charge $Q$ for any gauge model with a Lie algebra symmetry may be decomposed as $$Q=\del+\del^{\dag}, \del^2=\del^{\dag 2}=0, [\del, \del^{\dag}]_+=0$$ provided dynamical Lagrange multipliers are used but without introducing other matter variables in $\del$ than the gauge generators in $Q$. Furthermore, $\del$ is shown to have the form $\del=c^{\dag a}\phi_a$ (or $\phi'_ac^{\dag a}$) where $c^a$ are anticommuting expressions in the ghosts and Lagrange multipliers, and
more » ... e multipliers, and where the non-hermitian operators $\phi_a$ satisfy the same Lie algebra as the original gauge generators. By means of a bigrading the BRST condition reduces to $\del|ph\hb=\del^{\dag}|ph\hb=0$ which is naturally solved by $c^a|ph\hb=\phi_a|ph\hb=0$ (or $c^{\dag a}|ph\hb={\phi'_a}^{\dag}|ph\hb=0$). The general solutions are shown to have a very simple form.
doi:10.1016/0550-3213(93)90051-p fatcat:4a3gxlq4yzgb3d37ickhqis2ji