Effects of Participatory Teaching Approach for Red Cross First Aid Trainers of China in 2019: A Before-and-After Study [post]

Xiaoqing Cheng, Xiaohua Zhang, Qinghui Ma, Ying Wen, Jianzhong Zhao
2021 unpublished
ObjectiveRed Cross Society of China has always attached importance to training of first aid trainers. Participatory teaching approach has good effect and great significance all over the world. Thus this methodology was introduced from International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to China from 2019. This study aimed to investigate effects of participatory teaching approach in training first aid trainers from provincial branches of China.MethodWe conducted a cross-sectional
more » ... dy among first aid trainers from Red Cross provincial branches. Pretested electronic questionnaire was given before and after the training. Data was collected by online survey tool and logic check was set to ensure quality of data. Stata version 11.0 was used to analyze the data. Proportion were used to describe social-demographic characteristics of respondents and their satisfaction with different teaching modules. Paired two-tailed t-test was used to compare the confidence scores before and after training. Chi-square test was used to test confidence growth of different groups and among different developing level regions. Difference was statistically significant if P<0.05.Result772 first aid trainers participated in the survey with a response rate of 99.6%. The majority of respondents were satisfied with standard modules of this course using participatory teaching approach. Scores on 4 confidence related questions had all increased and the confidence growth was statistically significant (Question1:t=-32.66,P<0.001;Question2:t=-28.22,P<0.001;Question3:t=-27.41,P<0.001;Question4:t=-29.07,P<0.001). Different groups had different confidence growth and medium confidence group had the biggest increase in all 4 questions (Question1:2=166.49,P<0.001;Question2:2=166.48,P<0.001;Question3:2=195.40,P<0.001;Question4:2=129.61,P<0.001). No statistical significant difference was found among different developing level regions.ConclusionParticipatory teaching approach was well accepted among Red Cross first aid trainers from provincial branches all over China. No statistically significant was found among different developing level regions. This teaching approach could improve the confidence of participants. It is reasonable to promote this methodology among first aid trainers nationwide.
doi:10.21203/rs.3.rs-611334/v1 fatcat:7xbhkat5k5cqparkucnce7uxs4