Case study for understanding impact of residential batteries on LV grids [article]

Parvathy Chittur Ramaswamy, Damien Schyns, Louise De Vos, Christian Czajkowski, Michael Wilch, Armin Gaul, University, My, University, My
Local clusters of DERs, e.g. photovoltaic residential rooftop installations, stress the distribution grid due to reverse flows and induced overvoltage. In case of overvoltage, PV installations are curtailed. To avoid or decrease this loss of production, Innogy, a holding of German distribution system operators, is exploring mitigation strategies. In this context, this paper presents the impact of residential batteries and their charging strategies on the LV network simulated using the Smart
more » ... ation tool. Additionally, this paper presents the impact of forecasting errors on the battery control strategies.
doi:10.34890/693 fatcat:taolvxfkvzh4xbuyug7dmuriai