Thermodynamic Mechanism Evaluate the Feasibility of Oil Shale Pyrolysis by Topochemical Heat [post]

Zhao Shuai, LÜ Xiaoshu, Sun Youhong, Huang Jiandong
2020 unpublished
Topochemical heat in-situ pyrolysis of oil shale is achieved by injecting high temperature nitrogen to promote oil shale pyrolysis and release heat, and then injecting air to trigger oil shale combustion in the early stage of oil shale pyrolysis, and then by injecting normal temperature air continuously to promote local oxidation of oil shale in the later stage. In order to verify the oil and gas recovery by topochemical heat method, Jilin University has chosen Fuyu City, Jilin Province, to
more » ... y out pilot project of oil shale in-situ pyrolysis by topochemical heat method. Besides, in order to infer the spontaneity, feasibility and difficulty of continuous pyrolysis of oil shale based on topochemical heat, this paper, the mechanism of solid-state pyrolysis and the thermodynamic analysis of transition state of oil shale in Fuyu area are discussed. Because the second stage of oil shale pyrolysis is the main stage of oil production. Therefore, the characteristics of Gibbs free energy, free enthalpy and free entropy of transition state in the main oil production stage of oil shale pyrolysis are obtained by calculation. The results show that in situ pyrolysis of oil shale topochemical heat can be carried out spontaneously and continuously, and the release characteristics of volatiles during pyrolysis of oil shale are described.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:epz4iqha6bhvznmeilplada46m