A History of Cherkas Global University Press: The Vestnik Leib-Gvardii Newspaper (1992–1997)

2022 European Journal of Contemporary Education  
This work explores the history of Cherkas Global University Press. Its primary focus is on the history of the making of the Vestnik Leib-Gvardii newspaper, the first periodical published by this publishing house. The principal source used in the work is materials from the Vestnik Leib-Gvardii newspaper, which was published intermittently from 1992 to 1997. Overall, 14 issues of the newspaper were released. Methodologically, use was made of content analysis with the aim of selecting from the
more » ... re material published in the newspaper specifically that which deals with the work of its editorial board. External and internal critical evaluations were also conducted of the issues of the newspaper as a historical source. The monthly newspaper Vestnik Leib-Gvardii, established in 1992, was the starting point in A.A. Cherkasov's creation of his own publishing house, which today is known as Cherkas Global University Press. This publishing house has evolved over the 30-year period from an editorial board handling a single newspaper in the city of Sochi (Russia) to a major academic publishing house with a few dozen journals that is based in Washington, DC (USA). The external and internal critical evaluations of Vestnik Leib-Gvardii revealed that the newspaper went through brisk development in the period from 1992 to 1997. It enjoyed improvements in print quality, more specifically in terms of the technical handling of layout. As early as 1996, A.A. Cherkasov began to enlist on a regular basis the services of third-party specialists to assist the editorial board. Overall, the production of the Vestnik Leib-Gvardii newspaper is a worthy exemplar of publishing a noncommercial newspaper in the 1990s.
doi:10.13187/ejced.2022.4.1394 fatcat:yvjr4siivbe6dlwp3qkhhrqtzi