Flavonoids from Lonchocarpus muehlbergianus

Aderbal F. Magalhães, Ana M.G.A. Tozzi, Eva G. Magalhães, Ivani S. Blanco, Maria-Del-Pilar C. Soriano
2004 Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciências  
The light petroleum extract from the roots of Lonchocarpus muehlbergianus Hassl contained nine flavonoids, including six new ones. These are 2,4-cis-2,4,5,8-tetramethoxy-(2´´,3´´:6,7)-furanoflavan; 2,4-cis-4-hydroxy-2,5,8-trimethoxy-(2´´,3´´:6,7)-furanoflavan; 2,4-cis-2-prenyloxy-4,5,8-trimethoxy-(2´´,3´´:6,7)-fu-ranoflavan; 2,4-cis-2-prenyloxy-4-hydroxy-5,8-dimethoxy-(2´´,3´´:6,7)-furanoflavan; 2',5',6'-trimethoxy-9-(1,1-dimethylallyoxy)-[2´´,3´´:3´,4´]-furanochalcone;
more » ... 8)-furanoflavone, identi-fied by analysis of their spectral data (UV, IR, ¹H and 13C NMR, 2D-NMR, NOE and MS). The natural occurrence of 2,4-dioxygenated flavan derivatives is being reported for the first time. Quantitative analysis of the petrol extract, by using reversed-phase HPLC, showed that the most abundant flavonoid in the extract is 2,4-cis-2,4,5,8- tetramethoxy-(2´´,3´´:6,7)-furanoflavan.
doi:10.1590/s0001-37652004000400004 pmid:15558149 fatcat:rfowm7tabjautosffyhitgy4oi