Trade Relations Between the Turks and the Genoese, 1300-1453

Katherine Harriet Fleet
This thesis examines the trade relations between the Turks and the Genoese in the period 1300 to 1453. It has two aims, first to investigate the trade, examining the commodities involved and discussing the taxes levied upon it, and second to consider the role of Genoese capital and know-how in the economic development of the early Ottoman empire. The thesis is based on archival material from the Genoese State Archives with other published Latin material, such as documents from the Venetian
more » ... ves, and published Ottoman documents, together with some Byzantine and Arabic data. Several unpublished Genoese documents are included in an appendix to the thesis. The introduction discusses the sources, concentrating on the data available in the Genoese archives. The importance of western archival material, such as that from Genoa, has perhaps been under-rated to date for Ottoman history of this period, one for which there is such a dearth of Turkish material. Chapter one consists of a brief discussion of the monies used in this commerce. Chapter two investigates the taxes levied on international trade and considers the importance of Genoese merchants in the tax farming system. Chapter three deals with the commodities which were imported and exported, concentrating specifically on slaves, grain, alum, cloth, metals and wine. The thesis concludes with an evaluation of the significance of Turkish-Genoese trade in this period, and the importance of Genoese merchants in the early economic development of the Ottoman state. There are two appendices containing documents and a glossary of names.
doi:10.25501/soas.00034111 fatcat:i5qlj3hoh5gvhchf3duh3oauka