Measurements of molecular and thermal diffusion coefficients in ternary mixtures

Alana Leahy-Dios, Mounir M. Bou-Ali, Jean K. Platten, Abbas Firoozabadi
2005 Journal of Chemical Physics  
New molecular and thermal diffusion coefficients of binary mixtures of normal decane-normal alkanes and methylnaphthalene-normal alkanes are measured at atmospheric pressure and T ) 25°C. The normal alkanes used in this work include nC 5 -nC 20 . Thermal diffusion coefficients were measured in a thermogravitational column. Molecular diffusion coefficients were measured using an open-ended capillary tube technique. Results show a significant effect of molecular shape and size on thermal and
more » ... on thermal and molecular diffusion coefficients. Molecular diffusion coefficients show a monotonic behavior in both aromatic-normal alkane and normal decanenormal alkane mixtures. Thermal diffusion coefficients reveal a nonmonotonic trend with molecular size in the normal decane-normal alkane mixtures. This is the first report of the nonmonotonic behavior in the literature. The data presented in this paper provide an accurate self-molecular diffusion coefficient for nC 10 from binary data.
doi:10.1063/1.1924503 pmid:16008457 fatcat:ic3cog4m7fdvxb4uuxsweeyciu