Anemia and neuropathy in type-2 diabetes mellitus: A case control study

Sinha Babu
Albuminuria and retinopathy, two microvascular complications of diabetes are known to be associated with anemia. Whether diabetic neuropathy, another complication of diabetes, is also associated with anemia is not known. To find out the association between anemia and diabetic neuropathy in type 2 diabetes mellitus. Fifty patients of type 2 diabetes mellitus with diabetic neuropathy as 'cases' and age sex matched fifty 'controls' were selected from patients attending the diabetic clinic of
more » ... tic clinic of College of Medicine and JNM hospital. All the cases and controls were free from retinopathy and albuminuria and were investigated for anemia. Appropriate statistical analysis was done to find out any association between anemia and diabetic neuropathy. Anemia was found to be 68% and 42% among cases and controls respectively and the difference was statistically significant. Both peripheral and autonomic neuropathies were present in 58% cases, only peripheral neuropathy in 30% and pure antonomic neuropathy in 12% cases. No significant association of anemia with any particular type of neuropathy was evident. Addressing anemia in diabetic individuals may have potential to make a great impact in managing these microvascular problems of diabetes. anaemia, diabetic neuropathy, case control study Original Research Paper