Treatise on the Power of Water

1869 Journal of the Franklin Institute  
Bibliographical N"tices. Modern Practice of the Electric Telegr(~ph. A handbook for electricians and operators. By Frank L. Pope. Published by Russell Bros., 28, 30 and 32 Centre St., New York. This little book of 128 pages, contains as much valuable information as it is possible to pack into so small a compass consistently with the use of good sized, well spaced, and thus pleasantly legible type, and abundant illustration. Without attempting to enter into the historical or general theoretical
more » ... eneral theoretical discussion of the subject, it gives a full and clear account of the American system of telegraphy, and of the various new processes, by which defects in connection, leakage, and other faults are discovered and localized, and of the method of using the galvanometer and resistance coils in determining these and other points. While in no way comparing with such a book as Sabines, considered as an exhaustive treatise on the theory and practice of telegraphing, it is an excellent supplement to the latter as exhibiting the distinctive points of Ameridan practice, and for the working telegrapher and student, is a more valuable, because a more attainable and more easily wielded tool. In mechanical execution, this book does credit to its publishers, and it deserves, in all respects, the success it will no doubt meet with, as filling a manifest want in the rapidly developing profession of telegraphy.
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