Research on combustion mode of methanol micro-reciprocating piston internal combustion engine

Shuaibin Wang, Gangzhi Tang, Li Zhang, Huichao Shang
2020 Diagnostyka  
Constrained by the micro-space structure, it is proposed to use platinum wire incandescent ignition combustion mode to achieve the operation of internal combustion engine. However, the combustion test of the platinum wire incandescent ignition in miniature piston internal combustion engine shows: the combustion mode of micro-space platinum wire incandescent ignition has a poor combustion characteristic, low heat release rate, long combustion duration, and low combustion pressure. Therefore, a
more » ... mogenous charge compression ignition mode is proposed to realize the operation of miniature internal combustion engine. However, it is found that the compression combustion cannot be come true in the cold start-up state of the micro engine. And the compression combustion in the first cycle was realized by the way of increasing the temperature of the cylinder block and platinum wire appropriately. The results show that: The maximum heat release rate is obviously improved and the combustion duration shortened by 28.6 ºCA, and pmi increased by 76%. So, a novel hybrid combustion mode of in-cylinder compression combustion supported by the platinum wire incandescent ignition is put forward, through the way of adjusting the temperature of platinum wire, and this combustion mode is regarded as the ideal combustion mode of micro reciprocating piston internal combustion engine.
doi:10.29354/diag/118652 fatcat:q5mfnnmgpnf45nniokulvog2jq