Словацкие наречия группы «часто» на фоне венгерских по данным мер ассоциации

Д. Ю. Ващенко, Институт славяноведения РАН
2021 Межкультурное и межъязыковое взаимодействие в пространстве Славии (к 110-летию со дня рождения С. Б. Бернштейна): материалы Международной научной конференции, Москва, 12–14 октября 2021 г.   unpublished
In the report, the most frequent Slovak and Hungarian temporal adverbs with the meaning of high repeatability of the situation are considered on the corpus material. The compatibility of lexemes is analyzed according to the indicators of association measures, on this basis, the main trends characteristic of the structuring of the semantic group in each of the two spatially bordering languages are identified. It is shown that the Slovak language, more than Hungarian, tends to semanticize lexemes
more » ... within a group, as well as to mark non-standard, according to the speaker, situations.
doi:10.31168/0459-6.19 fatcat:wofwq5iirrg4fptgyhufmzl6fa