Overcharge for Reviving Failed Li-O2 Batteries [post]

Kai Chen, Dong-Yue Yang, Jin Wang, Gang Huang, xin-bo Zhang
2021 unpublished
Prolonging the lifetime of batteries is a long-term pursuit, and it is also one of the prerequisites for the practical application of batteries. However, this is really challenging for high-energy Li-O2 batteries due to their poor charge efficiency and cathode passivation induced by products accumulation. Here, we demonstrate that overcharging the Li-O2 batteries can facilitate the decomposition of residue products and thus revive the cathode, which allows further operation of Li-O2 batteries
more » ... r 1316 cycles. This long lifetime not only makes full use of the Li anode, but also enables the battery recycling in a safer way. Furthermore, applying anode protection and overcharge together, the life of batteries can be extended to a record high value of 2714 cycles. This overcharge strategy simplifies the cathode regenerating procedures, realizing system-level efficient use of battery components and prolonging the life of Li-O2 batteries that can meet the requirements of practical applications.
doi:10.21203/rs.3.rs-823894/v1 fatcat:rlsqrdh7evgf5lc2zxngivbnzu