An eigendecomposition approach to weighted graph matching problems

S. Umeyama
1988 IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence  
This paper discusses an approximate solution to the weighted graph matching prohlem (WGMP) for both undirected and directed graphs. The WGMP is the problem of finding the optimum matching between two weighted graphs, which are graphs with weights at each arc. The proposed method employs an analytic, instead of a combinatorial or iterative, approach to the optimum matching problem of such graphs. By using the eigendecompoyitions of the adjacency matrices (in the case of the undirected graph
more » ... directed graph matching problem) or some Hermitian matrices derived from the adjacency matrices (in the case of the directed graph matching problem), a matching close to the optimum one can be found efficiently when the graphs are sufficiently close to each other. Simulation experiments are also given to evaluate the performance of the proposed method.
doi:10.1109/34.6778 fatcat:jrin4lklerd2dkxnq7xasxosp4