Equivalent junction method to predict 3-D effect of curved-abrupt p-n junctions

Jin He, Xuemei Xi, Mansun Chan, Chenming Hu, Yingxue Li, Xing Zhang, Ru Huang, Yangyuan Wang
2002 IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices  
In this brief, an equivalent junction method is proposed to study three-dimensional (3-D) effect of the lateral curvature on curvedabrupt junctions. Analytical expressions including 3-D effect are derived to calculate the breakdown voltage, peak electrical field, and maximum depletion layer width of curved-abrupt junctions. The breakdown voltages calculated from the new analytic expression have been verified by the numerical simulation and experimental data. The equivalent junction model
more » ... nction model provides a simple mean for device engineers to estimate the required substrate doping concentration, lateral curvature, junction depth and depletion width of a planar p-n junction with a specific breakdown voltage. Index Terms-Breakdown voltage, curvature of the lateral radius, curve effect, three-dimensional (3-D) p-n junction.
doi:10.1109/ted.2002.1013296 fatcat:nktwfvrh5fcbpgqpq26zcazneu