Squamous cell carcinoma of tympano-mastoid region: a series of six cases

Surender Kumar, Uma Garg, Naveen Sharma, Neha Salaria, Deepak Verma
2018 International Journal of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery  
<p class="abstract">The malignancies of tympanomastoid region are very rare entity. These tumours are more common in elderly persons in 6th and 7th decade. Males are more commonly affected than females. Chronically discharging ears are considered as risk factor which may be due to metaplasia in the middle ear mucosa following prolonged chronic infection. The most common symptoms are long standing blood tinged ear discharge, severe nocturnal pain, rapidly growing polypoidal or granulomatous mass
more » ... granulomatous mass in EAC or middle ear, peripheral facial palsy and painless ulceration over pinna or EAC. CT scan for bony erosion and MRI for soft tissue involvement and neural invasion are investigations of choice. Tissue biopsy is must for histopathological examination and confirmation of diagnosis. Surgery and chemo-radiotherapy are the mainstay of treatment. Surgery includes wide local excision, lateral temporal bone resection, subtotal temporal bone resection and total temporal bone resection.</p><p class="abstract"> </p>
doi:10.18203/issn.2454-5929.ijohns20181891 fatcat:wu267baj3nd4fniozoi2wi3kxi