In situ Phenotyping of Grapevine Root System Architecture by 2D or 3D Imaging: Advantages and Limits of Three Cultivation Methods

Yuko Krzyzaniak, Frédéric Cointault, Camille Loupiac, Eric Bernaud, Frédéric Ott, Christophe Salon, Anthony Laybros, Simeng Han, Marie-Claire Héloir, Marielle Adrian, Sophie Trouvelot
2021 Frontiers in Plant Science  
The root system plays an essential role in the development and physiology of the plant, as well as in its response to various stresses. However, it is often insufficiently studied, mainly because it is difficult to visualize. For grapevine, a plant of major economic interest, there is a growing need to study the root system, in particular to assess its resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses, understand the decline that may affect it, and identify new ecofriendly production systems. In this
more » ... ntext, we have evaluated and compared three distinct growing methods (hydroponics, plane, and cylindric rhizotrons) in order to describe relevant architectural root traits of grapevine cuttings (mode of grapevine propagation), and also two 2D- (hydroponics and rhizotron) and one 3D- (neutron tomography) imaging techniques for visualization and quantification of roots. We observed that hydroponics tubes are a system easy to implement but do not allow the direct quantification of root traits over time, conversely to 2D imaging in rhizotron. We demonstrated that neutron tomography is relevant to quantify the root volume. We have also produced a new automated analysis method of digital photographs, adapted for identifying adventitious roots as a feature of root architecture in rhizotrons. This method integrates image segmentation, skeletonization, detection of adventitious root skeleton, and adventitious root reconstruction. Although this study was targeted to grapevine, most of the results obtained could be extended to other plants propagated by cuttings. Image analysis methods could also be adapted to characterization of the root system from seedlings.
doi:10.3389/fpls.2021.638688 fatcat:ntgdbszjerbsjmjlgubkr4qtve