The Effect of Clipping on the Growth and Miserotoxin Content of Columbia Milkvetch

W. Majak, D. A. Quinton, H. E. Douwes, J. W. Hall, A. D. Muir
1988 Journal of range management  
Marginal fumhule eeeded to gmsses lo tbe Soutbem Grut l'hlrn ummlly b8ve been depIeted in N by cropping, cultiv8tion, 8nd erosion. Thh study mc1uured roll N 8ccumuhtlon over 20 to 22 yws in N fertilized weeping lovegr8ss (Erugroti cur&u) or Old World bluestem (Bothhchh cuucasical)p8sturellseededinto old flclds 8s cornpored to 8dj8cent unfertUlzed old field p8sturm domiruted by mnd dropseed (Sporohlus cr~unhs). Signifl-c8ntly more (p<O.OS) tohI N wu found in tbe mrf8ce 5 cm of soil from tbe
more » ... soil from tbe fertilized puturea. TOW N wu not slgnifhntly different between the old fleld 8nd N fertilized parhues 8t gre8ter deptbr. Two different nmplings resulted in 8n esthuted 8 8d 5 kg N brlyrl (st8nd8rd error of tbe me8n diiferencc 2.4, n=4 8nd 2.0, n=lO, rapcetively) gre8ter N 8ccumul8tion in the N fertihd p8sturn 8s compued to tbe old field portunr. Nitrogen input into tbe N fertilized p8stura ~II IertiUzer 8nd protein supplement w8a 45 kg N b8-1yrl gre8ter thn into the old field portures. 'lhu, 8 rehtively sm8ll proportion of tbe N input into tbe N ferthed p8sture WM 8ccounted for 8s incre8sed soil N. Tbe N 8ccumuhtion r8te in the N fertilhd p8stures 8ppars to be considmbly slower tbln tbe N depletion nte under put f8rming practices.
doi:10.2307/3898785 fatcat:o7momwqeqfg2vereqtnyf6ljfm