Molecular basis of barley quality

G. P. Fox, J. F. Panozzo, C. D. Li, R. C. M. Lance, P. A. Inkerman, R. J. Henry
2003 Australian Journal of Agricultural Research  
The quality of barley for the range of end uses from animal feed to brewing is determined by many genes, making the breeding of new barley varieties difficult. Understanding of the molecular basis of barley quality has been advanced by biochemical studies. More recently, molecular genetic tools are allowing the analysis of the biochemical factors contributing to grain quality. Many genetic loci influencing key quality attributes have been identified by gene mapping. Limited success has been
more » ... uccess has been reported in using this information to select for quantitative trait loci for these quality traits in plant breeding. Genomic techniques allowing more detailed analysis of variations in the barley genome in relation to quality promise to extend significantly the value of molecular genetic approaches to barley quality improvement. Definition of the genetic basis of malting quality requires the identification of the genes involved in germination and endosperm modification. Feed quality remains difficult to define. Recent advances are likely to accelerate the rate of discovery, providing new options for analysis of barley quality.
doi:10.1071/ar02237 fatcat:h754wwztrrhnhptc2lj4mhpyfm