Controlling the interparticle distance in a 2D molecule–nanoparticle network

C M Guédon, J Zonneveld, H Valkenier, J C Hummelen, S J van der Molen
2011 Nanotechnology  
Mechanically controllable break junctions allow for an impressive level of control over the distance between two electrodes, but lack stability at room temperature. On the other hand, two-dimensional (2D) networks of nanoparticles bridged by molecules form a stable device structure for investigating molecular conductance properties. Here, we combine both techniques to create a robust platform for molecular charge transport with control over the inter-electrode distance on the picometer scale.
more » ... picometer scale. The resistance change due to bending of our structures is dependent on the molecular species present between the nanoparticles.
doi:10.1088/0957-4484/22/12/125205 pmid:21325712 fatcat:r6ggwjendzaj5mag64hlntoxlq