1892 Journal of the American Medical Association  
Regis has sufficiently albeit too strongly covered the point of age. The luetic, gouty, rheumatic, trau¬ matic and hereditary types occur at any age. The luetic cases resulting after the age of 65, are of rather long duration. In three such cases, the patient reached the age of 73, but each resided the whole period in an insane hospital. In three hereditary cases. occurring after 65 (one male, two females), of less duration (6 years) ; three sons were also afflicted at from 17 to 23 with
more » ... 7 to 23 with paretic dementia. The sons died ere their parents from intercurrent compli¬ cation due to trophic changes : the spinal symptoms were especially predominant. In epileptics who became paretic dements at the climacteric period the psychosis ran its usual course, and rareiy lasted three years after its onset. In ataxies however, the remissions were frequent and protracted, but querulency existed. The Hebrew race, as Spitzka12 several years ago pointed out, seems to be peculiarly liable to this type. Heredity and lues prepare the soil which this psychosis attacks. Pure paretic dementia is, in my
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