The Motivation Analysis of Rural Land Circulation and Legal Countermeasures Research

Yongyong Zhu
2014 Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology  
In the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee proposed to vigorously implement the strategy of rural revitalization. This is an inevitable way to promote the development of modern agriculture. It is also a powerful way to solve the problems of agriculture, rural areas and farmers. To implement rural revitalization, we must accelerate the transfer of rural land. Land belongs to the important resources of farmers, and through the transfer
more » ... hrough the transfer of land, it helps the scientific allocation of various production factors in rural areas. Based on the current situation in China, this paper discusses the current situation and problems of rural land transfer and analyzes the specific countermeasures. In the "No. 1 Document" promulgated by the Central Committee in 2018, it was clearly stated: "We must cultivate and develop family farms, cooperatives, leading enterprises, social service organizations and agricultural industrialization complexes", and strive to develop diversified and moderate scale operations. In the 2018 government work report, Premier Li Keqiang proposed that the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy should focus on improving the property rights system and the allocation of factor markets. The property rights of rural land include "ownership", "management right" and "contracting right". Land transfer is the transfer of land management right. Under the continuous advancement of urbanization process, a large number of rural laborers enter the city, and it is necessary to promote rural land transfer. The measures, however, are affected by many factors. In the current rural land transfer, the problems of non-standardized methods, unreasonable prices, and unclear time and use need to be resolved.
doi:10.19026/ajfst.6.8 fatcat:ticu4ljcnbbbnija7t6uhvudoa