Oxidative DNA damage induced by thinner inhalation in rats lymphocytes

Minerva Martínez-Alfaro, Francisca Sandoval-Zapata, Alfonso Cárabez-Trejo
2006 Caryologia (Firenze)  
Thinner inhalation is known to induce oxidative stress. Some studies have shown that thinner inhalation causes a decrease of antioxidants and formation of oxidation products of proteins and lipids as well as formamidopyrimidine glycoslyase (Fpg)-sensitive DNA sites. Using the comet assay and the repair-specific enzymes formamido pyrimidine glycosylase (Fpg) and endonuclease III (Endo III) to detect oxidized purines and pyrimidines, respectively, we examined the ability of thinner inhalation to
more » ... nduce oxidative DNA damage in rat lymphocytes. Our results show a high correlation between Fpg-and Endo III-sensitive sites. This, together with our previous results that showed a high correlation between Fpg-sensitive sites and two biomarkers of oxidative stress, suggests that these Fpg-sensitive sites correspond to oxidative damage during the first four weeks of thinner inhalation.
doi:10.1080/00087114.2006.10797933 fatcat:wsiyj6yjpbaxpeme5dqeusmtey