1912 The Lancet  
clinical practice of the hospital is large. The hospital contains 750 beds, of which 680 are for patients in the 'hospital at Smithfield and 70 for convalescent patients at -Swanley. This hospital receives within its walls over 8000 in-,patients annually and its out-patients and casualties amount .to more than 130,000 annually. Special departments have been organised for Diseases of Women and Children, the Eye, Ear, Larynx, and Skin, as well as for Orthopaedic and Dental Surgery in which Chief
more » ... ery in which Chief .Assistants and Clinical Assistants are appointed annually. There is an Electrical Department, including X Ray, &c. ,Surgical operations take place every day at 1.30 P.M. and Surgical Consultations are held on Thursdays at the same 1hour. Medical Consultations are held on Thursdays at .3.15 P.M. The physicians and surgeons deliver clinical lectures weekly during both the winter and the summer -sessions. Clinical Lectures on all special subjects are also .given. The visits of the physicians and surgeons are made at 1.30. Ten house physicians and ten house surgeons are -appointed annually. During their first six months of office they act as "junior" house physicians and .house surgeons and receive a salary of L25 a year. During their second six months they become " senior " 'house physicians and house surgeons and are provided with rooms by the hospital authorities and receive £80 ,a year as salary. A resident midwifery assistant, an ophthalmic house surgeon, and a house surgeon for diseases of the throat, nose, and ear are appointed every six months, and are provided with rooms and receive a salary of E80 a year. Two assistant anaesthetists are appointed annually, and receive salaries of £120 and .6100 respectively, with rooms. An extern midwifery assistant is appointed every three .months, and receives a salary of £80 a year. The clinical .clerks, the obstetric clerks, the clerks to the medical outpatients, the dressers to the surgical in-patients and to the .out-patients, and the dressers in the special departments are -chosen from the students. All the appointments are now free. A residential college is attached to the hospital. New Buildings.-The new buildings comprise residential .quarters for the resident staff, new casualty, medical, surgical, and special out-patient departments, new casualty wards, dispensary, and clinical lecture theatre. A new chemical laboratory has been added to the Medical School, .and a laboratory devoted to instruction in Public Health. A second new Block which is devoted to Pathology, and -contains the post-mortem room as well as extensive laboratories for bacteriology, clinical pathology, pathological histology, and pathological chemistry has recently been .added. The Medical School Buildings include three large lecture theatres, a large dissecting room, a spacious library (containing 13,000 volumes), a well-appointed museum of anatomy, physiology, comparative anatomy, materia medica, botany, and pathological anatomy. The pathological museum is the most complete in the kingdom. There are laboratories for chemistry, physiology, pharmacology, physics, public health, and biology, giving ample accommodation in every -department. Special Classes for the Primary and Final F.R.C.S. are held twice yearly. Institution in Preliminary Science is given to University of London students in chemistry, biology, and physics throughout the year. Laboratory Instruction for the D.P.H. is provided during .-the winter and summer sessions, and elementary instruction dn Bacteriology is also given throughout the year. The recreation ground of 10 acres is at Winchmore Hill 1 For Ancillary Metropolitan Medical Schools see p. 604. for the use of the members of the Students' Union, which all students are expected to join. Additional rooms for the Students' Union have recently been added, viz. : (a) a large reading and smoking room; (b) a committee and writing room ; and (0) luncheon and dining hall; and a miniature rifle range has been provided. These are in the new block.
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