A comparative transcriptomic study of vitamin E and an algae-based antioxidant as antioxidative agents: Investigation of replacing vitamin E with the algae-based antioxidant in broiler diets

R. Xiao, R. F. Power, D. Mallonee, C. Crowdus, K. M. Brennan, T. Ao, J. L. Pierce, K. A. Dawson
2010 Poultry Science  
Previous study indicated that inclusion of an algae-based antioxidant as an antioxidative agent [EconomasE, Alltech, Nicholasville, KY; EcoE] significantly reduced the amount of vitamin E (VE) required in broiler diets without compromising performance and meat quality. To assess the mechanisms related to the VE-saving activity of EcoE, as well as other potential functions related to EcoE and VE supplementation, we analyzed gene expression profiles of breast muscle from broilers fed a control
more » ... rs fed a control diet, the control diet + 50 IU of VE/kg, the control diet + 100 IU of VE/kg, or the control diet + 200 g of EcoE/ton. Evaluation of the serum antioxidant capacity indicated that dietary supplementation of either a high level of VE (50 or 100 IU of VE/ kg) or EcoE significantly improved bird antioxidant status. Analysis of gene expression profiles indicated that expression of 542 genes of the breast muscle were altered (P < 0.05, fold change >1.2) by dietary treatments, of which a significant part were commonly regulated by EcoE and VE (especially the control diet + 50 IU of VE/kg). In addition to the process of cellular oxidation, gene ontology analysis indicated the involvement of EcoE and VE on cell morphology, skeletal and muscular system development and function, immune response, and multiple metabolic processes, including lipid, carbohydrate, and drug metabolism. Results of this experiment indicate that the biological roles of high VE, including its activity as an antioxidant, can be greatly mimicked at the transcriptional level by EcoE, and they suggest a relationship of functional redundancy between VE and EcoE in the broiler diets.
doi:10.3382/ps.2010-01018 pmid:21177453 fatcat:2c3miwkk3feh3bubwoipjlpqra