Performance of maize seedlings for baby corn production

Ariane C Costa, Fábio C Coelho, Romário V Garcia, Wallace Luís de Lima, Marcelo Vivas, Cláudia L Prins, Jaídson G da Rocha
2020 Horticultura Brasileira  
Using maize seedlings for baby corn production can benefit farmers who have small areas under cultivation. The objective of this study was to evaluate the possibility of using maize seedlings for the production of baby corn. The experiment was carried out in field with four treatments (direct sowing in field; transplanting seedlings 10 days after sowing (DAS); 20 DAS and 30 DAS) in randomized blocks with eight replications. Plants from seedlings 30 DAS were higher than sowing direct in field.
more » ... direct in field. Direct sowing in field and seedlings 30 DAS resulted in the largest stands. Sowing direct in field and transplanting seedlings at 20 and 10 DAS presented the highest number of total and commercial ears, while crops obtained from direct sowing in field yielded higher compared to the crops in which seedlings were used. Crops from maize seedlings transplanted at 10, 20 and 30 DAS reduced the period of maize plants in field by 14, 22 and 28 days, respectively, compared to maize sown directly in field. However, baby corn from direct sowing yielded 37% more than those in which seedlings were used. We concluded that the use of maize seedlings caused reduction in baby corn productivity however, it presents the advantage of reducing the permanence of the maize plants in field.
doi:10.1590/s0102-0536202004013 fatcat:6qmmno6yc5gs7alsg6avm7nurq