Pengaturan Kewenangan Pembuatan Akta Pertanahan Antara Notaris Dan Pejabat Pembuat Akta Tanah

Adi Rahayu
2018 Recital Review  
This article discusses the regulation-making authority between the notary and Pejabat Pembuat Akta Tanah (PPAT). In making the land deed, notary authority derived from attribution attached to the profession of notary, whereas PPAT authority derived from a delegate or delegation of authority from the competent authority, in this case Badan Pertanahan Nasional. Deed of land made by or in the presence of a notary deed is authentic and has the strength of evidence is perfect, while issued PPAT
more » ... gible authentic deed and only has the strength of evidence deed under hand
doi:10.22437/rr.v1i1.6111 fatcat:ce6z7d6ayrgwdpwgl62o72gkau