Building Information Modeling (Application of BIM in Structural Engineering)

Sumit Pinto, G Bhaskar, Assistent Professor
International Journal for Research Trends and Innovation (   unpublished
This paper highlights the utilization of Building information Modeling (BIM) may be useful for structural engineers. This recent state of BIM is analyzed, giving a general summary on how architectural; engineering and construction companies are applying it on their projects. The relevancy of BIM to structural engineering is mentioned, and the way it impacts the structural design and its work flow. The advantages of putting BIM into action in structural engineering are then analyzed, within the
more » ... alyzed, within the areas of productivity, coordination, and visualization, and a case study is developed to check the ability between BIM software and structural analysis software. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is very popular in recent discussions among the AEC industry it is emerging as a new technology which is very productive in designing phase and also in the whole life cycle of the building. Apart from it the efficiency of easy redesigning and modification in structure is highlighted.