Effect of Various Phyto-extracts on Physico-chemical, Colour, and Oxidative Stability of Pork Frankfurters

Rajesh V. Wagh, Manish K. Chatli, Marita Ruusunen, Eero Puolanne, Per Ertbjerg
2015 Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences  
Lipid oxidation, colour stability and physico-chemical quality of pork frankfurters with the incorporation of 0.30% sea buckthorn (SBT), 0.10% grape seed (GSE), 0.03% green tea (GTE), 0.12% fenugreek seed (FSE) and 0.10% Acacia catechu (ACE) were studied during 20 days of refrigerated aerobic storage. The SBT and ACE were identified as being the most effective antioxidants to retard lipid oxidation with the potency decreasing in the following order: SBT>ACE>GSE>GTE>FSE based on thiobarbituric
more » ... id reacting substances, peroxide value and free fatty acids. In all samples pH and a w decreased during storage period. The L* value of treated as well as control samples decreased over time while SBT and ACE exhibited an increased redness producing higher a* values than other treatments. However, GTE was more effective in increasing b* values than other treatments at the end of storage. The results suggest that functional plant-derived extracts can be valuable to the modification of frankfurter formulations for improved oxidative stability as well as quality characteristics. (
doi:10.5713/ajas.14.0752 pmid:26104527 pmcid:PMC4478487 fatcat:2z6usegni5fqfhjcafwgmc46h4