Integrative Psychotherapy - An Important Resource for the Psychophysical Wellbeing of the Person in the 21st Century Society

Camelia Augusta Roșu, 1 Decembrie 1918 University, strada Gabriel Bethlen Nr.5, Alba Iulia 510009
2022 Educatia 21  
The psychotherapist is an important specialist who makes a major contribution to ensuring the mental health of people in today's society. Unfortunately, however, the psychotherapist is not correctly perceived, or he/she is even unknown to the collective mind, despite the fact that psychotherapy is a valuable resource in today's social context loaded with a multitude of stressful and traumatic factors. Integrative psychotherapy, one of the newest forms of psychotherapy, responds effectively to
more » ... e challenges of today's society in an integrated way, focusing on the relationship between the therapist and the patient. The integrative psychotherapist is the specialist who, through prevention, diagnosis and intervention, guides the person towards the balance that ensures mental health. The research carried out on a panel of students confirms that the image of the psychotherapist is not known or is perceived in a distorted way, even by a public with a certain level of intellectual background. The integrative psychotherapists involved in the research also highlight that psychotherapy is an important resource in enhancing quality of life, but it is little known and not valued. Therefore, there is a need to promote the image of the psychotherapist at the level of the collective mind, the need for an education to promote mental health, an education that focuses not only on physical health but also on mental health, an education that leads to the psycho-physical well-being of the person.
doi:10.24193/ed21.2022.23.11 fatcat:arz5a25affaihoq364tdurqls4