Comparison of ionospheric characteristic parameters obtained by GPS and ionosonde with IRI model over China

Cheng Wang
2016 Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Earth and Planetary Sciences  
This paper presents a comparison of ionospheric characteristic parameters obtained by a GPS network and three ionosondes at Mohe (122.4 • E, 53.5 • N, dip angle 70.983 • N), Zuolingzhen (114.6 • E, 30.5 • N, dip angle 46.350 • N), and Fuke (109.1 • E, 19.5 • N, dip angle 27.083 • N) located in China with an IRI model in the year 2011. Observed NmF2 and hmF2 values at the three stations are compared with IRI2007 and IRI2012 predictions, respectively. The results show that there are clear linear
more » ... e are clear linear correlations between the observed values and the IRI model predicted values. The IRI model gives overestimations at the three stations mostly in 2011. For the NmF2 and hmF2 values, most of the results show that the IRI2012 predicted values are closer to the observed values compared with those of IRI2007. Additionally, the GPS TEC values derived from the Crustal Movement Observation Network of China (CMONOC) are compared with the IRI2012 predictions. From the results, it is evident that the IRI2012 model predictions follow the normal trend of diurnal variation of GPS measured TEC monthly means but do not reproduce the measured data well. The IRI2012 model overestimates electron density in the latter part of spring as well as the first half of autumn and winter and underestimates electron density in early spring and the latter part of autumn. Referring to GPS TEC, the precision of the IRI2012 model predicted TEC values is ∼5 TECU over China. It may also be noted that there are two discontinuities of IRI-TEC monthly means appearing in November and December of the year 2011. This brings a bias of ∼3 TECU of TEC values between two adjacent months. Ionosphere (IRI) model (Bilitza 2001; Bilitza and Reinisch 2008; Bilitza et al. 2011) , and the NeQuick model (Dudeney 1978) . These models are suited
doi:10.1007/s12040-016-0694-x fatcat:yvmff6qbxvak5hrgvbzec5ozx4