Recognition of gasogeodynamic zones in the rock mass using seismic tomography in Rudna copper ore mine

Krzysztof Porębski, Eugeniusz Koziarz, Arkadiusz Anderko, Krzysztof Krawiec, Rafał Czarny, Jakub Kokowski, Paulina Harba, J. Dec, Z. Pilecki, J. Dubiński, H. Marcak
2018 E3S Web of Conferences  
In this work, the results of four seismic tomography surveys are presented. The research was conducted to identify the zones exposed to the threat of gas and rock outburst. The changes to the dolomite layer stiffness in the mining excavation roofs were analyzed. The surveys were conducted in the Rudna copper ore mine in the field of XXVIII/1. The research area was about 0.21 km2. The seismic waves were generated by a small amount of explosive material (100 -300 g) located and installed in short
more » ... installed in short blast holes (1.5 -2.0 m). The processing and the interpretation of the measurement data did not cause serious problems due to the more favourable elastic properties of the dolomite layer compared to the adjacent anhydrite and sandstone layers. As a result, the maps of parameters like the longitudinal wave velocity (P-wave), the shear wave velocity (S-wave), and the ratio of the Pwave velocity to S-wave velocity and the dynamic Young modulus were estimated. The results showed that the changes in the seismic parameters were relatively small over most of the research area. This may be evidence of the minor effects of gas and rock outbursts.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/20186601012 fatcat:ap7of2devjdazarjpssduvdycy