İnsan ve anlam temelinde adil, kapsayıcı ve bütüncül eğitim politikalarının kavramsal inşası

Mustafa YAVUZ
2020 İnsan&İnsan Bilim Kültür Sanat ve Düşünce Dergisi  
Education systems are living organisms. They breathe. Sometimes they can go into crisis. Crises can turn into new opportunities only if the people, meanings and possibilities that make up the system can work effectively. Education systems must first be built in the minds of individuals who make up the state. Since education systems constantly reproduce a society, the state, it is not possible to understand a society or a state without understanding it. The article does not aim to form a final
more » ... inion on the education system, but to rethink it first.
doi:10.29224/insanveinsan.825214 fatcat:sb7tjj6rkbdufgdwvx3l7l67t4