Silicon Photonic Device for Wavelength Sensing and Monitoring [thesis]

German R Vargas
All rights reserved. iii DEDICATION I dedicate this dissertation to my mother Nancy for her patient support during all these years, for teaching me about true love for a family and to persevere against all circumstances. To my brother Daniel for his encouragement. iv ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to thank all the people who made this work possible. My advisor Dr. Roberto R Panepucci who helped me with his guidance and assistance along my years at Florida International University and at CTI
more » ... ty and at CTI -Renato Archer. An especial consideration towards Prof. Jean Andrian who mentored me during my dissertation period and who had the time and patience during many conversations we had. I would also like
doi:10.25148/etd.fi12111908 fatcat:tgcovhmlzvaa7dgmcm323o7jgm