An increment in the Duranta repens L. (Verbenaceae) knowledge: DNA content, karyology, meiosis and palynology

Saulo M. Sousa, Aryane C. Reis, Pâmela S. Silva, Lyderson F. Viccini
2011 Caryologia (Firenze)  
Meiotic behavior, pollen morphology, interphasic nucleus pattern and karyotype description for Duranta repens (Verbenaceae) are presented. The species had semi-reticulate interphasic nucleus and in mitotic metaphase, chromosome number was 2n = 34 (32 m + 2 sm), with secondary constriction in one chromosome pair. Additionally to the A complement, we observed B chromosomes, varying to 0-3 in some cells of several individuals. Meiotic behavior was regular and pollen grains were isopolar and
more » ... isopolar and tricolporate, being classifi ed as prolate-spheroidal with psilate-perfurate exine ornamentation.
doi:10.1080/00087114.2011.10589770 fatcat:ana4wlkgvjewfg3jljwpwdkkka