Digital analysis of the expression levels of multiple colorectal cancer-related genes by multiplexed digital-PCR coupled with hydrogel bead-array

Zongtai Qi, Yinjiao Ma, Lili Deng, Haiping Wu, Guohua Zhou, Tomoharu Kajiyama, Hideki Kambara
2011 The Analyst  
To digitally analyze expression levels of multiple genes in one reaction, we proposed a method termed as 'MDHB' (Multiplexed Digital-PCR coupled with Hydrogel Bead-array). The template for beadbased emulsion PCR (emPCR) was prepared by reverse transcription using sequence-tagged primers. The beads recovered from emPCR were immobilized with hydrogel to form a single-bead layer on a chip, and then decoded by gene-specific probe hybridization and Cy3-dUTP based primer extension reaction. The
more » ... icity of probe hybridization was improved by using electrophoresis to remove mismatched probes on the bead's surface. The number of positive beads reflects the abundance of expressed genes; the expression levels of target genes were normalized to a housekeeping gene and expressed as the number ratio of green beads to red beads. The discrimination limit of MDHB is 0.1% (i.e., one target molecule from 1000 background molecules), and the sensitivity of the method is below 100 cells when using the b-actin gene as the detection target. We have successfully employed MDHB to detect the relative expression levels of four colorectal cancer (CRC)-related genes (c-myc, COX-2, MMP7, and DPEP1) in 8 tissue samples and 9 stool samples from CRC patients, giving the detection rates of 100% and 77%, respectively. The results suggest that MDHB could be a potential tool for early non-invasive diagnosis of CRC.
doi:10.1039/c0an00976h pmid:21509397 fatcat:7g3in4a7nzbw7ata4a6lyiwza4