Joint Optimization Decision of Online Retailers' Pricing and Live-Streaming Effort in the Postepidemic Era

Jinrong Liu, Qi Xu, Zhongmiao Sun, Jos Manuel Gal n
2022 Complexity  
The isolation requirements of the coronavirus epidemic and the intuitive display advantages of live-streaming have led to an increasing number of retailers shifting to social live-streaming platforms and e-commerce live-streaming platforms to promote and sell their products in real time. However, the provision of live-streaming services will also incur high live-streaming effort costs. In this paper, we develop two decision models for retailers to sell goods through a single online shop and
more » ... online shop and live-streaming room; we also present the optimal decisions of pricing and live-streaming efforts. Furthermore, we identify the profitability conditions for retailers to determine when to provide live-streaming services. In addition, we examine the impact of the provision of live-streaming services on the optimal price and live-streaming effort. We obtain three findings. First, there is a unique optimal decision on the price and live-streaming effort under certain conditions. Second, when the effect coefficient of the live-streaming room reaches a certain threshold, there are enough customers who enter the live-streaming room to watch and buy and it is profitable for retailers to provide live-streaming service. Finally, the optimal price and live-streaming effort increase with the increase in average return loss, the effect coefficient of live-streaming effort, and the extra return rate and decrease with the increase in the proportion of customers who choose to buy in the online shop and the price discount coefficient in the live-streaming room.
doi:10.1155/2022/8762922 fatcat:ivpa4kw4qng4hpuybqkhu3q534