Economic Translation: Theoretical and Practical Issues

Irina Zaykova, Irina Shilnikova, E.Yu. Malushko, N.L. Shamne, S. Cindori, O. Larouk, L.N. Rebrina
2019 SHS Web of Conferences  
The paper deals with theoretical and practical analysis of economic translation. It is considered from two points of view: as a process and a product of rendering. As a process it is a multistage complex act of cross-cultural bilingual communication that aims to produce the closest natural equivalent to the target text. It is also characterized by a high degree of equivalence of the source text. As a product economic translation is an equivalent of the source text which is not identical due to
more » ... t identical due to cultural and language differences. The study reveals the interdisciplinary character of economic translation that makes it difficult to define its status. It has different nominations (economic translation, commercial translation, etc.). The analysis shows that the term "economic translation" is wider. It is due to the fact that it functions in various areas of activity (business, economy, trade and etc.). This factor affects the source texts that are different in genres and styles. The practical part of the article is devoted to the most common mistakes specified by the classification of Andreea-Rosalia Oteanu: the reading of the English text and English lexical meaning. The authors present some examples, analyze and describe them.
doi:10.1051/shsconf/20196900139 fatcat:ugth22ukizhyfc76lara36qsga