Preparation of electrode for electric double layer capacitor from electrospun lignin fibers

Xiangyu You, Keiichi Koda, Tatsuhiko Yamada, Yasumitsu Uraki
2015 Holzforschung  
AbstractLignin-based activated carbon fibers (ACFs) were prepared by electrospinning of hardwood acetic acid lignin (HW-AAL) solution followed by thermostabilization, carbonization, and steam activation. The thermostabilization process was able to be remarkably shortened from 38 h to 3 h with hexamethylenetetramine (hexamine) in binary solvents, AcOH/CCl
doi:10.1515/hf-2014-0262 fatcat:uqlvm7vvxjefpgsewogd4cgeie