Optimal Power Flow Solution with Maximum Voltage Stability

Dr. Ahmed Nasser B. Alsammak
2011 Al-Rafidain Engineering Journal  
This paper presents an Optimal Power Flow (OPF) formulation that is based on multi-objective optimization methodology, which can minimize both of operating costs and losses and it would at same time result in maximizing the distance to voltage collapse. A "Maximum Distance to Voltage Collapse" algorithm, which incorporates constraints on the current operating condition, is firstly presented, while OPF formulations which incorporate voltage stability criteria is secondly presented. The algorithm
more » ... nted. The algorithm built on Matlab-Simulink is tested on an IEEE 6-bus test system using a standard power flow model, where the effect of maximum loading point limits is demonstrated. List of symbols: V = Amplitude terminal load voltage (p.u.). d = Internal terminal load voltage angle in degree. C S and C D =vectors of supply and demand bids in $/MWh. P ij and P ji = powers flowing through the lines in both directions in MW. P S and P D = bounded supply and demand power bids in MW. λ and λ c = loading and critical loading parameters. TTL=Total transaction level ( ). Q G = Generator reactive powers. "c" = Introduced to represent the system at the limit or "critical" conditions. P G0 and P L0 = Stand for generator and load powers. LMPs = Lagrangian multipliers associated with the active power equations.
doi:10.33899/rengj.2011.26606 fatcat:w3abthzovzczbjatjpxtutgloq