Preparation and Cryopreserved of Fibroblasts from Frozen Embryos of (Arbor Acre) Chicken

Ahmed Khalid, Nagam Khudhair, Yu Na, Shi Yu, Li Yulong, Zhang Guixue
2015 unpublished
This study is to establish fibroblast line of AA broiler chicken from frozen embryos. According to the requirement of (ATCC) tests, the study depended on testing several points such as growth curve, cryopreservation, Karyotyping of chromosomes and protein translation of transfected vector. The results showed that the cells were morphologically consistent with fibroblasts and the growth curve was sigmoidal with a population doubling time (PDT) was(41.6h FE , 43.2h AFE). Cell viability was 91.8%
more » ... efore cryopreservation and 82.2% after thawing. Karyotyping for chromosome number was of 2n=78 and the rate of cellular diploid was 92.20±0.56% for Fresh Embryos (FE) and 91.42±0.23% After Freezing Embryos (AFE). The fluorescent protein was translated at 24h, 48 h and 72h after transfection and the colonies of fluorescent fibroblast cells were formed one months later. In conclusion, the procedure for cryopreservation and thawing of embryos as well as preparation of fibroblast cells were proven to be practicable. The fibroblast line of AA broiler from frozen embryos has been established and the valuable genetic resource of AA broiler chicken was well protected at the cellular level.